Nortel IP 2002 VoIP Phone

The IP 2002 Nortel Networks internet telephone is a standards-based, Internet Protocol, desktop telephone that connects directly to the Local Area Network (LAN) via RJ-45 connector. Currently supported on both enterprise and carrier platforms, the display-based IP Phone 2002 is ideally suited for moderate call volume users, such as office professionals and technical specialists.
Key Features:

* Basic and advanced telephony features, such as forward, transfer, audio control center, and distinctive ring tones, improve interpersonal communications

* Context-sensitive softkey arrangement for controlling display-based features for improved productivity

* Reduced enterprise installation costs by only requiring a single Cat. 5 cable drop to the desktop for telephone and co-located PC.

* Full-duplex hands-free speakerphone offers crystal clear sound by incorporating a narrowband speaker in combination with acoustic echo cancellation

Other Features:

* Power over Ethernet

* 10Mbs/100Mbs full-duplex Locked Up connections

* Integrated Ethernet Switch

* 4x10 + 2x24 character-based display

* Self-labeling programmable keys

* Self-labeling, context-sensitive soft keys

* Audio control center

* Navigation cluster

* Specialized fixed keys

* Message waiting/visual ring indicator

* Automatic firmware upgrades


* Hearing aid compatible

* Adjustable display contrast

* Distinctive ring tones

* Feature Key

* Multi-stage icons

* International icons or English text key caps

The IP 2002 Internet Telephone is supported by multiple Nortel Networks communication systems, including Business Communications Manager (BCM), IP-enabled Meridian 1* and Meridian SL-100 systems (with Internet Telephony Gateway cards installed), and Succession Communication Servers.